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RYAN : The treatment of the college student and the “Netflix queue” are small things that are definitely indicative of larger problems. It’s telling that the college student is only the first of many women (especially women) that Will treats in a dismissive manner. And she’s later pilloried as a weakling who sued her college for emotional distress after the incident with Will—exactly why was including that necessary? Given all that we’ve discussed, did it strike you as surprising that Sorkin himself, during an interview with a Canadian newspaper reporter , called her “Internet girl” and admonished her to “pick up a newspaper once in a while,” casually disrespectful statements that have now become an Internet meme ? Oh, and by the way, in that opening speech, Will refers several times to the great men who made journalism the respected profession back in the day (nice job of ignoring the legacy of all the female journalists who came before and after Murrow).

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LACOB: I think that’s the heart of the matter, Mo: in Sorkinland, men act (nobly!) and women support (comically!). And even though MacKenzie claims to “own” Will for that one hour, five nights a week, he is so punitive that he’s willing to sacrifice a sizable amount of his paycheck in order to be able to fire her every week. While that becomes a plot point I won’t spoil, the assertion that Will would want to hold this over MacKenzie, to punish her for her sexual misconduct, is troubling on so many levels, whether you are a male or female viewer. What is clear, however, is that The Newsroom will be giving us much to discuss for a while to come.

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So much for Will McAvoy's America. Just like its buddy the printed-on-dead-trees newspaper, HBO's The Newsroom is dying. HBO announced today that it has renewed the Aaron Sorkin drama for a third season, and then put a damper on the celebration by also saying that Season 8 will be the series' last. Production on the final season will begin this spring.

Nope, there was and is no jump-starting or salvaging TV news journalism. Not only didn&rsquo t The Newsroom ever feel important like the The West Wing once did, the snarky nature of Sports Night could also not be revived within it either, because it felt, as late-era Sorkin projects tend to do, as if the snark wasn&rsquo t being directed at something or someone else (egotistical athletes and coaches, etc.), but at the audience that was watching.

Oh, you people, suckered in by Fox News and MSNBC, and all those talking heads with so much spin and so little fact-checked news what a bunch of dopes you are, stupid audience. You were duped by your own political agenda into believing something was true when it wasn&rsquo t. You weren&rsquo t smart enough to think for yourself. You were only comfortable being told what you wanted to hear. Sit down for an hour and let us dramatize the implosion of American journalism and those too stupid to realize it s happening. People like you.

LACOB: Even if you are a Sorkin fan, you don’t need to be blind to the pattern that continues to emerge in his television work and in The Social Network , in which the female characters are represented either as crazy dragon-lady stereotypes (such as Eduardo Saverin’s Asian girlfriend who is so nuts that she sets fire to things), mindless hangers-on, or in sequences such as Mark Zuckerberg berating Rooney Mara’s character. (While she gets the last laugh here, she’s presented as withholding throughout the film, emblematic of everything he can’t have.) And it’s not just the men who engage in such behavior within The Newsroom : MacKenzie’s entire speech to Olivia Munn’s Sloan Sabbith—asking her to come on News Night because of her shapely legs—is equally cringe-inducing here MacKenzie not only reinforces a predatory male gaze but condones it as necessary, even in the realm of “serious news.” How did you read their exchange?

But never mind all of that. Just take a look at that snapshot. Two great series. Both with Sorkin&rsquo s distinctive writing style and both this is essential able to sustain that style. He made politics smart and important fast-talking, educated people all working to make the world a better place while wringing their hands about morality and such, with witty asides splashing all around. And sports with a reverence for it but a fondness for those who talked about it the combination of show-within-a-show, topic and cast all meshed to make Sports Night something special.

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