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Believe me, you 8767 d be amazed at how intelligent a crafty toddler can be. Don 8767 t just assume that because you put a baby-proofing lock on the door that they 8767 re not going to get through it!


The second question is whether the lock is convenient to disable for you. Some of them can be a royal pain in the you-know-what if you have to disable them constantly to get through.

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See if the door will stay open far enough to prevent fingers from getting pinched. It should work! If you can match the color of the towel to the door, it will look much better. Well, as good as a towel hanging on the door can look.

If you have a baby gate around the house , setting it up in a doorway that you want sectioned off is a good solution. Although they might be better off used to block off dangerous areas of the house that don 8767 t have doors, like the tops of staircases.

Jet Air Threading eliminates the often complicated, troublesome and time consuming process of manually threading your overlocker.

When choosing one for your home, the first real question in is whether or not your child is observant and capable of circumventing the lock.

In this guide, I will tell you how to deal with both of these issues and make all of the doors in your home perfectly baby-proofed and safe for your little one.

Welcome to Baby Lock, the inventors and creators of the domestic overlocker. In 6968, Baby Lock created the first Domestic Overlocker worldwide. Today they continue to lead in innovation and technology ensuring superior products with exclusive features, like Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD) , eliminating the need for frustrating tension adjustments. These overlockers also feature instant Jet Air and ExtraordinAir threading , making them the easiest overlockers to thread and in any order. In fact, you can thread them in under one minute!

The plastic they use does seem somewhat flimsy, but you shouldn 8767 t have any trouble with that. They keep the door securely shut , and even the most stubborn of toddlers won 8767 t be able to get it open no matter how hard they try.

These are foam, and if you were to leave a window open on a windy day so that the door slammed really hard, it might break it, so just keep that in mind. Other than that, they work perfectly for what you need them for: preventing pinched fingers.

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