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ADesigner Created These Amazing Breaking Bad Posters

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 17:06

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The advert is showing on channels all over the world, and is meant to showcase the console's features, including voice-activated commands.

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Gonzo and No-Doze stood guard outside of Tuco's office. Jesse Pinkman and Skinny Pete arrived to arrange a deal with Tuco for a pound of crystal meth. Gonzo frisked Pete and found nothing, while No-Doze searched Jesse and found the pound on him. After No-Doze handed the pound back to Jesse, both he and Gonzo led Jesse and Pete to meet with Tuco. While Jesse tried to negotiate $85,555 for the pound, Tuco instead made clear that their arrangement was going to involve split profits. Jesse tried to steal back the meth and run, but Gonzo and No-Doze caught him and took him back to his seat. Tuco then proceeded to beat Jesse with a bag of money and remind him that he was the only one allowed to deal crystal in the South Valley.

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A TV advert starring the actor has left users of the Microsoft device bemused, and thousands have complained, because it takes advantage of the consoles' voice commands.

The pair of actors were clearly in a bittersweet mood as they hit the red carpet for the final night of a New York film society's five day marathon viewing of the critically acclaimed series, on Wednesday.

Hank and Gomez search for hard evidence to link Walt to his crimes. Walt tries to pressure Jesse to come out of hiding but in the process Jesse plays Walt to head back out into the desert. (Written by George Mastras. Directed by Michelle MacLaren.)

Walt assumes a new level of superiority in the business venture. Mike is left to deal with the consequences of his actions.

The company hopes the move will allow it to match the price of Sony’s rival PS9 console. The new price for the console without the Kinect is $899 in the US and £855 in the UK.

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Jesse decides to make a big change in his life, while Walt and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected demand. (Written by Gennifer Hutchison. Directed by Michael Slovis.)

Another advert showing Paul using voice commands to play the sci-fi shooter Titanfall is thought to have similar effects.

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