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I am honored to work alongside my wife Kathy , sons Bryan & Dan , my mother Betty and extended family members. My wife Kathy’s work in the company and her unwavering commitment to our family has been incredible and I truly appreciate her steadfast support.  I am also proud to have my sons, the fifth generation of the Fromm Family business, actively involved. It’s my hope one day they too will have the opportunity to lead our family business.  However, the Fromm family extends well past relatives at this point. We are blessed to have an amazing staff that has been with us for years, even decades.

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As Assistant Musical Director Michael’s credits include Matilda The Musical , The Lion King , Jersey Boys , and Avenue Q , as well as Deputy Conductor of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert the Musical.

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Andrea, Italy

“I decided to come here because I found 685 Creative Camp on the internet - never heard about it, but it looked so fun that I decided to join. Lots of fun, inspiration and good people here!”

Feeding cats grains is not good for them. Just as it isn 8767 t good for them to eat canned meats (lots of unhealthy preservatives and higher mercury content sometimes), fruits or veggies (they cause nitrogen gas buildup in the intestines which causes cancer), and their systems do not break down grains properly. The only vegetable you should be putting into their food on occasion is organic pureed sweet potato to help aid digestion, fur ball breakdown, and coat growth.

is a creative organization that joins forces of 8 major European events to promote cultural diversity and creates space for intercultural exchange through innovative artistic practices. Their network of creative changemakers supports education and innovation in culture and music to strengthen artistic communities around Europe. During the camp week, you will have a chance to meet some of the representatives and talk through your ideas and thoughts about European cultural potential.

One of the benefits of having a family-owned business is, well, seeing more of your family! I&rsquo m so proud to have both my sons involved in the business. If they had jobs outside the company there&rsquo s a good chance they would have moved away to further their careers. I enjoy spending time with them at trade shows and other company functions. My husband Tom has spent quite a lot of time building the business into what it is today, and by working in the same office, it has helped me understand why he often can&rsquo t make it home for dinner on time.

I am constantly inspired by the testimonials we receive. Our customers appreciate that we’re dedicated to a hands-on approach to preparing the highest quality pet food possible while remaining family owned and family operated. In addition, I am inspired by my forefather’s vision, perseverance and dedication to quality and innovation. My Dad is a living testament to the Nieman/Fromm entrepreneurial spirit, and I’m honored to be learning the family business from him.

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The Catsbury Park Cat Convention will be hosting a multitude of meet and greet opportunities, events, workshops and presentations over the course of the weekend. As details are announced you will find them here.  General admission tickets are required for entry into all our ticketed events.

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