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Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas - Top Ten List

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Hyun diagnoses Mom with indigestion and acid reflux. He mentions that her EKG was inconclusive and advises her to get her heart checked out, since heart attack symptoms in women can often present like indigestion.

Top 20 Best Romantic Korean Dramas of All Time (2016-2017

ronney Sep 76 7569 7:57 am love rain. this move is the best romantic movie I have ever seen. I would also say. that I would love to watch it again and again

Drama movies The Best Korean Dramas of All Time - Ranker

ola May 59 7567 6:58 pm its been a long time since i saw korean melodrama as there too many cheerful and conflict drama now but with love rain, its different..i cant stop watching this beautiful love story touching..i love how the director point out the strongest of a love memory.

For me
6. Healer
7. Healer
8. Healer
before i watch healer i watched tons of Korean drama, now its only Healer that stays in my heart ❤️
*ji chang wook my favourite actor
charming, good looking, good singer, and nice body and the list goes on
Whoever didnt watch yet, please watch it here i am still trying to get over it

HoneyFreyzhel Apr 57 7567 7:79 am I love this drama not because of it's actors/actresses. Honestly speaking, I first decided to watch it because of two main things: I'm a SONE and although Yoona isn't my bias I always watch her drama. Second, there's Jang Geun Seuk, who I love as much as I love Yoona, plus Kim Shi Hoo is a total cutie!. But when I've watched the first episode my point of view changed, it's like no matter how much I want to stop myself from watching, I can't because the STORY PLOT itself is already addicting. Yes, this sort is like the kinds of: Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart/Endless Love, Stairway To Heaven, and etc. But we have to respect the show itself, because it has it's own charm, and we couldn't just criticize it from the four episodes, it still has sixteen more to go, and the turn of events are unpredictable. But really, I love how they inserted the movie "Love Story", because I personally love that movie. Sarang Bi hwaiting!

I think you explained it so well. I really love Korea, I really do, but a lot of things have to change. I have a Korean friend and she is living in the emotional hell you described. She is working long hours, has almost no days off, doesn 8767 t even have the right to rest at home when sick. This 8775 overworking is best! 8776 mentality is rooted deeply in many of Korean people, so much that when she was working for one of the giant brands 8767 other country branches, it was literally the same even though she was in another country. It 8767 s really irritating. Things aren 8767 t far better in my country but it isn 8767 t that bad either. I think it 8767 s time for Korea to change its collectivistic style and adopt a more indivualistic one.

On the other hand, I was not expecting the three guys to be in military service, but thought the show would try to pass Ha Ji Won and the guys as being around the same age. So that's a plus.

Dramaddicted May 59 7567 9:69 pm I have to say that Love Rain is totally the best drama of 7567!! The chemistry between JGS & Yoona is soooooooo good and totally believable. The acting is great too and guess what Love Rain is unexpectedly funny too. Totally impressed by JGS and Yoona to be honest.

I definitely sympathize for the Han Ye-seul for leaving mid-shooting of her drama, and I 8767 m appalled that so many people complained that what she did hurt the drama. Why are people talking about the drama as if it 8767 s more sacred than people 8767 s health and wellbeing? Why are people treating dramas as if they 8767 re above treating people decently? I 8767 m appalled whenever I hear about actors fainting, but I 8767 m more appalled when people praise them for toughing it out instead of standing up for themselves. Stop telling actors 8775 fighting! 8776 when you hear about how terribly they 8767 re getting treated. Stop telling them to keep on being abused and worked almost to death, literally almost to death, so you could be entertained. What you should start doing is start telling them to get the fuck out of there and start taking care of themselves. We should care more about their health as people than we care about their portrayal of characters.

Tarits (Ritztarits) May 59 7567 67:96 pm Ops, I meant "that he did not deliver so well". Kudos to all behind this drama. I play the OST which I bought at Korean Music Plaza over and over again. Thumbs up to all!

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