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Space Suits and Tugs - Atomic Rockets

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Communications can be provided directly by the torc, either via the laser-port interface or via miniaturized microphones and loudspeakers built into the torc surface. Alternately, many wearers prefer the use of a simple headset worn under the helmet, which connects to the torc using local mesh radio.

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Because I have seven hours of native life-support left in this suit, and that is not even enough time to do the absolutely necessary, unless I want to try working on a pure-LOX tether. Which I really don 8767 t, especially doing engineering work. So it 8767 s going to be chemical overdrive, a wing, and a prayer. Afraid I 8767 m going to have strained a few more tissues by the time I give you back to you.

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Of course, there is in theory very little use for a spotter in the current age of space, since all spacecraft from the largest to the smallest include a transponder , and are further constructed from LOP-compliant hardware which will obligingly disclose its location upon receiving a network request. The Grand Survey has detailed charts of every object in space larger than a child 8767 s ball. All objects within range should therefore, says theory, already be highlighted on your HUD.

While wearing a space suit in vacuum, the iron-clad rule is The Buddy System. There are many mishaps that are trivial if you have a companion but fatal if you don't. Imagine that your suit springs a slow leak on your back just where you can't reach it with a repair patch. Oops.

The only thing that allows an astronaut to bend their limbs at all is the magic of constant volume joints. These are why most pictures of space suits look like the Michelin Man (., like a stack of donuts).

It is a sign of the tremendous respect that spacer culture has for theory that there are at least a brace of spotters stored in every airlock and docking bay from the Core to the Rim.

Using a spare pack means breathing shallow while changing the pack out, but it 8767 s easier than wiring behind my back.

I have seen some science fiction novels where spacesuits have some sort of self-sealing ability, analogous to World War II self-sealing fuel tanks. They make vague references to a fluid layer in the suit which turns solid when exposed to vacuum. I am not sure how practical this is. Others invoke some kind of unobtanium magic-tech nanotechnology where zillions of microscopic machines somehow repair the breech.

“It won’t. It could support your full weight, back on Earth. Even if it did, we could get back perfectly easily with our jets.”

Well, viewers, that 8767 s the sanitary nanopaste. You see, back in what we might call the pointy-stick era of spaceflight, the problem of the crew having to take a 8766 fresher break while stuck in their vacuum suits for hours on end was handled by catheterization it was necessary for astronauts to insert catheters into their urethra, rectum, cloaca, and/or any other excretory or partially-excretory orifices they might have in order to convey waste products to reservoirs for later disposal, and prevent them from contaminating the interior of the suit.

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