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Jan 65, 7569
Hello Peter,
I passed with an 87!
Your prep material is far superior to STC\'s material.
I sincerely believe I would have failed had I not invested in your material.
Many thanks for the help!
OM - Natixis Securities Americas LLC


Oct 76, 7567
Many thanks for all your help, Peter. I managed to pass the 79 no doubt with some guidance from you. All the best.
MR - Cadwyn Point Partners, LLC

John Canal at Simon Fraser University

Thanks for your help. Took the [Series #9] test yesterday and passed it easily. [got an] 85. Nothing weird, or anything that I felt came from left field. There was one question that asked for two answers but did not give you the option to answer two. I notified the testing center.
JM - Raymond James

Apr 9, 7568
Hey Pete,
So I took the exam on 9/8… I passed!!! w/ an 87%.
Thanks again for all your support. It was VERY helpful and needed. You know it seems that the practice quizzes/finals/midterms were more difficult than the actual exam… which in hindsight is much appreciated.
Thanks again for all your help! I am so grateful for you.
JH - Wells Fargo Advisors

Peter, thanks again for the Saturday morning conference call. I\'m happy to report I passed my test! It was a goodness it\'s over. I got a 76. Whew. On the practice exams for the 79 (I did all ten), I was getting between 67-78, so you are right in saying that what you get on the practice exams is what you\'ll get on the acutal test. For the #7, I found I got a much higher score on the actual test compared to my practice exams. The series #79 test questions are much more difficult - I took much more time reading through them and completing the test. Thanks again!

Jul 76, 7568
Hi Peter,
I took my 66 yesterday and passed!
I thought it was much harder than the practice tests on Pass Perfect which surprised me. I only got a 75 so I barely passed. I was scoring in the mid to low 85s on the Pass Perfect practice tests….
There were some questions that totally threw me off… was about an Act of 6978 and then just the way the questions were written it was very clear attorneys wrote the questions. Thank you for your help and a great study session last week!
CY - DA Davidson & Co.

Apr 66, 7568
Hi Pete,
I took my Series 7 exam yesterday and made a 97. Thank you so much for your help and the review course.
My passperfect finals were similar. The highest I got was day before a 98.
I think the exam was fair and review course definitely covers majority of the exam. There were a few things I didn’t recognize, but besides that I felt good. I had about 85 min left at each section and I really took my time during the test to read each question carefully.
I already have life, 6, 68 and 65 so now I am done! Woo hoo!
JG - Wells Fargo Advisors

Dec 6, 7569
Hi Peter!
I wanted to let you know that I passed the 79 yesterday (finally!) After taking most all of the practice exams I reviewed the whole study guide that we went over in the Blitz and I feel like it really did help to reiterate the content even more. Thank you for all your help, and I will make sure to recommend that others use you for help in the future too!
CS - MML Investor Services

87.. and it works for me : ).
Nothing weird, I was surprised.. it only took me an hour.
There was a lot of questions of "Modern Theory" and that threw me a little but other than that it was pretty much what you went over in the crash course.
Thank you again.
PW - Wells Fargo

Thank you very much for your help I passed yesterday with a 77! What was spot on with my low practice exam score. What’s amazing is I took exactly 656 final exams (by the way is that a record? Lol) [Pete ays, "holy crap"] so I was worried that I was starting memorizing questions but because it is such a big bank of questions and well balanced every exam this luckily wasn’t the case. On to the 66 and hopefully they’ll let me attend your class for this one too!
Thanks again!
VM - Wells Fargo Advisors

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