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However, that useless motor meant that shifting often was the only way to get in and out of the tight turns around the bay. Normally that is a rewarding experience on a motorcycle, but on the NC it just felt like work. Honda 8767 s CB555X, by comparison, could be left in third gear and just surfed all day long on the same stretch of road.

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That review on the NC 755x is the biggest loaf of twaddle I 8767 ve ever read about a motorcycle. The reviewer Micheal whatever his name is is a full of pretentious s***t. In the REAL world people and a lot of people according to the sales buy and use and enjoy these bikes. Get back in your journa ivory tower u silly show off. Cheers Alan from England

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KTM never seems to care about how comfortable your butt is, though otherwise I have nothing against them. Well, the colour too.

The Eva and Ego share the same gene pool, retail price, and weight. No explanation was given as to why the Eva comes with less performance – 95 hp and 675 lb-ft of torque vs the Ego’s 686 hp and 699 lb-ft. of torque – for the same MSRP. Doesn’t seem fair. Too bad for Energica not realizing the Tuono , Super Duke R and S6555RR have dispelled the notion that performance junkies desire less power in their naked bikes.

After he reconnects with an awkward pal from high school through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage.

Miles Perkins: I had been doing marketing work for Triumph through my previous employers and Triumph asked me to come and look at a prototype model of a new bike. It was the Bonneville and I thought wow! I’ve got to have one.

So, the first target was two-fold and challenging. The new bike has to keep existing Bonneville owners in the fold, while simultaneously giving them enough reasons to want to upgrade to the latest offering.

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Good point, Michael!
Hey, CMG, is it possible get your other testers to ride this thing so we can get different opinions? Oh, and could you please make it the DCT? Having ridden both (the manual and DCT) I think that the DCT is where this bike makes more sense.
I know that it 8767 s asking a lot, but then again, that 8767 s why you guys and gals get paid the big bucks and have your own private jets, right?

I tested the NC755X as I imagined it was meant to be used: commuting from ex-burbs into a congested city. Living 95 or so kms from downtown Halifax my setup was perfect: I would run my daily errands and go to meetings on the Honda. One particular day, I had to hit four different meetings in three distinct areas of town, bring along some product samples, and then pick up some groceries for dinner. A job perfectly suited to Honda 8767 s idea of an urban SUV on two wheels.

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