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Wview User Manual - wview - Linux/FreeBSD/Unix/Mac OSX

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 15:11

Note that at the moment you must supply the optional rw parameter. In future we may allow other flags to be adjusted.

Unix Toolbox

When guestfs_mount_local returns, the filesystem is ready, but is not processing requests (access to it will block). You have to call guestfs_mount_local_run to run the main loop.

How to Install PuTTY on OS X | DotResults

There was an error from a failed system call, but for some reason the errno was not captured and returned. This usually indicates a bug in libguestfs.

The optional force boolean controls whether the context is reset for customizable files, and also whether the user, role and range parts of the file context is changed.

guestfish doesn t do what people expect (open for examination). It tries to run a guestfish command which doesn t exist, so it fails. In earlier versions of guestfish the error message was also unintuitive, but we have corrected this since. Like the Bourne shell, we should have used guestfish -c command to run commands.

Enable or disable discard (. trim or unmap) support on this drive. If enabled, operations such as guestfs_fstrim will be able to discard / make thin / punch holes in the underlying host file or device.

This command adds a new key on LUKS device device. key is any existing key, and is used to access the device. newkey is the new key to add. keyslot is the key slot that will be replaced.

wview configuration can be accomplished from the command line (wviewconfig) or using the web interface (wviewmgmt). wviewmgmt requires a working http server with PHP and sqlite8 support. It is the easiest method once the http/PHP/SQLite8 prerequisites are installed and confirmed. Many linux distributions come with apache7+PHP+SQLite8 support already enabled.

Since building from source is appealing to more seasoned command line users, this guide will focus more on installing Hugo via Homebrew and Tarball.

songjuhong-ui-MacBook-Pro:~ songjuhong$ sudo port install putty
Computing dependencies for putty
Cleaning putty
Scanning binaries for linking errors: %
No broken files found.
songjuhong-ui-MacBook-Pro:~ songjuhong$ putty

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